H & H TV 1| Troy MILES on Becoming a Millionaire


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When I first met Troy Miles, I was blown away by his loud, vivacious, bold personality and style. I’ll never forget the words he was sharing with his Lincoln Heritage Team. “We started from the bottom, now we’re here…” While I knew he was mouthing the motivating words of rap super star Drake, it seemed to personify and epitomize Troy’s ascent from the bottom and now over the top super star lifestyle.

I’m honored that Troy is my first guest featured on Hustle & Heart TV. In many ways, his meager beginnings remind me of mine. His meteoric climb to success with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance is astonishing. The Miles Group is the fastest-growing and top-producing agency of the nation’s largest final expense company – Lincoln Heritage. The Miles Group regularly produces over $1 Million Dollars in annual premium on a monthly basis.