Lancaster – York

Food Market to the World

The two counties that form the Lancaster-York Heritage Region boast rich soil, quiet environs and quick access to major highways and cities. Nestled between mountains to the north and west and the Atlantic plain to the east and south, the area has attracted people of ambition and perseverance. Hard-working industrialists, craftspeople and farmers have taken the seeds of ideas to the region where they have blossomed into thriving industries and bountiful farmland. This success has earned the region the reputation as the original food market to the world.

Fertile Land, Faithful People

The Amish and the Mennonites–two major plain sects originating from Germany–chose Lancaster County as the place to nurture their pious traditions of modest dress, lack of electricity and non-motorized vehicles. Out-of-towners often watch with amazement as black horse-drawn carriages clip-clop along the road with cars and trucks. Their lifestyle, referred to commonly as Pennsylvania Dutch, resonates throughout the region, from home-cooked country food to intricate quilts to superior quality handmade furniture. Learn more about the German-American heritage at the Ephrata Cloisters,Hans Herr House and the Landis Valley Museum. When you begin to yearn for the 21st century, learn about the region’s strong arts and crafts reputation at theNational Clock and Watch Museum, Donnecker’s and the York Fairgrounds.

Do What You Can

Across the Susquehanna River lies York County, Factory Tour Capital of the World. During World War II when every person and machine was asked to work at all hours, York’s motto was “Do what you can with what you have.” With its deep history that stretches to the nation’s earliest days of independence, the town of York provides the best vantage point to view how community and industry can unite for strength and advancement. Tour the present day factory giants such as the Harley-Davidson Final Assembly Plant and Museum and the Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Pottery Factory. Learn how York played a part in the development of our nation at the York Agricultural and Industrial Museum, the York Colonial Courthouse and by touring Downtown’s 25 historical, not to mention beautiful, outdoor murals.