The National Canal Museum

A project from Northampton Community College’s portable video class.

This video features the National Canal Museum in Easton, Pennsylvania. The Lehigh Valley was America’s center for early Industrial development. With easy access to coal and iron ore, the Lehigh and Delaware Canals made it possible to deliver raw and finished materials to a developing nation.

The Canal Museum takes an interactive approach to telling the story of Pennsylvania’s famous navigation. For adults, there are interpretive tours, photos, and artifacts from the canal era. For children, there are hands-on exhibits that not only teach history, but also explain the science of how canals work.

The Museum features a 45 minute boat ride pulled by a team of 2 mules where costumed interpreters tell the story of the canal, and where visitors can also see the many animals that call the canal home, and if they are lucky a freight train on the mainline railroad that parallels the canal.